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Why New Years Resolutions Fail / or Succeed

Over the last 15 years as a kettlebell instructor, and 35+ years in martial arts and fitness centers I've literally seen thousands of well-intentioned people come in determined to make a difference at the beginning of the year.... and sadly, I've seen the vast majority of those individuals fizzle out within several weeks. What can you learn from them and turn their mistakes into your success?

I'll keep this brief and get to the point. There are many factors, but the biggest differences between those who succeed in their new years resolutions vs those who fail comes down to

Purpose: This is their "why".

Progression: This is the "how".

Planning: This is the "when".

People: this is the "who".

Pain : this is the "cost" of failure.

It seems that people who fail are often simply plugging in the wrong values.

When it comes to Purpose, people who fail are doing it for the wrong purpose. Their purpose simply doesn't inspire them enough to overcome the most challenging parts of the process, so, when the initial excitement and wears off or motivation wanes they give themselves permission to quit or fail.

When it comes to Progression, people who fail simply don't know how to structure and perform their training in a manner that will elicit the correct physiological response from their bodies. When they fail to see results the realize they're not getting closer to their goals, they give themselves permission to quit or fail.

When it comes to Planning, people need a defined start and end date, something to shoot for. People who fail either are not defining goals that are realistic, measurable, and specific enough and/or are not putting a defined deadline by which to achieve it. If the goal is too nebulous or there's zero sense of urgency... then they give themselves permission to put it off another day, and another, and another, etc.

When it comes to People, people who fail are not holding themselves accountable to others. They might keep their goals a secret, thinking if or when they fail there's no embarrassment. They can sleep in, or go to the gym later/tomorrow and nobody will call them out on it.

When it comes to Pain, people who fail don't have adequate pain associated with failure. In other words, they are comfortable with the idea of failing. If they've been out of shape for years, it might not really matter to them if they're out of shape for yet another year.


Simply, put... people who succeed tend to plug different values into the five Ps.

When it comes to Purpose, people who tend to succeed are typically doing something for a purpose greater than themselves... and when the initial motivation and excitement wears off they still feel the responsibility and compulsion to follow through for others.

When it comes to Progression, people who succeed have done the work to avoid the mistakes of others and follow a proven a plan/method with a track record of successfully achieving the same goal they want to achieve. The simplest way to this is find the right program, coach, or mentor. Having the right plan speeds up progress while avoiding unnecessary mistakes and as a result progress is easily measured and this renews motivation.

When it comes to Planning, people who succeed have a clear cut defined, and measurable objective as well as a deadline. They know exactly where they are in relation to their goal, they have a map showing them how to get there, and they know exactly how long it will take. As a result, they are continually motivated by seeing themselves getting closer to their goal each day.

When it comes to People, those who succeed are holding themselves accountable to others. They make their goals public, and may even share them with people who want to see them fail. This is motivating because they don't want to let others down, and don't want to prove their detractors right. Failure is no longer an option.

When it comes to Pain, those who succeed simply can't wait to succeed and can't bear the pain of failure. In their mind, the stakes are simply too high, and failure is NOT an option; Too much depends on it. The best time to start your New Years resolution was January 1st... the second best time is TODAY!

Start now. Whether you missed the New Year's starting line or need a fresh push, there's no better time than the present to commit to your resolutions.

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